Thailand Implementing Blockchain-Based VISA System for Visitors

The country of Thailand utilizes a VISA On Arrival system (eVOA) to streamline visitors entering the space. While the system appears to work pretty well as of now, considering a ton of people visit the country every year, it seems that they’re ready to move the eVOA system to a blockchain network.
According to CoinTelegraph, the goal will be to automate and increase the speed of this process, not only for those going into the country but also for those applying for a VISA to do so. By doing so, Thailand can then cater to around five million people from around the world.
Interestingly, the country is working with ShareRing, a travel company, to implement such a system. That, and this blockchain system will initially work with Chinese and Indian visitors for now.
As you may know, the eVOA process is done whenever somebody lands at the airport within the country. Of course, these users right now have to bring with a load of physical documents, which can get quite annoying. This blockchain-based network would help digitize and automate the process. According to an email to the publication, this process could even take as long as an hour at times.
Speaking on the matter to the publication is Tim Bos, the CEO and co-founder of ShareRing. He noted the following:

“We see this as a blueprint for possible expansion to other countries. It’s not a process that will be rushed though, as we need to make sure we get it right here before entering other countries.”

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Author: Max Moeller

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