CoinLinked Launches Blockchain-Based Commerce Platform

CoinLinked, a “social marketplace” based on the blockchain, has just launched to provide what it calls the safest way to buy anything with cryptocurrency.
Based in America, this social commerce platform allows users to buy products with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or even Tether, as well as with fiat currencies.
“The 21st-century social commerce platform makes crypto currency transactions, easy and accessible while having a social networking aspect,” the website reads.
The platform was started by Jenny Q. Ta, the creator of VCNetwork.Co which helps venture capitalists and startups find each other. Now, she’s venturing into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
Ta shared some thoughts on the launch of CoinLinked:
“We’ve designed this platform to vastly simplify the spending of digital assets, making the buying process smoother, faster, more intuitive, and more convenient for today’s crypto-holder. By combining a simple and efficient drop-shipping solution with a robust rewards system, the evolution of Social Networthing® takes on a whole new meaning.”
It takes advantage of blockchain technology by not needing an intermediary for anyone to buy and sell products with these advanced digital assets.
On top of this, international payments can be made without much effort thanks to blockchain technology. The platform handles all conversions necessary to both merchants and users.
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Author: Max Moeller

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