HyperBlock Cryptocurrency Data Center Goes Under Due to Bankruptcy

HyperBlock, a “cryptocurrency datacenter” that offers mining, server hosting, and other crypto-related services, has gone bankrupt, the company has stated in a press release.
More specifically, the group has filed “an Assignment in Bankruptcy” in Canada, according to the release. It can’t meet any financial obligations and will be asking Crowe Soberman Inc. to settle any owed debts.
“The Company confirms the Trustee may be permitted to act pursuant to Directives 12R and realize on estate assets; and that the Trustee may receive fees and disbursements that will be considered a super priority claim,” an excerpt from the release notes.
It’s always unfortunate when a company goes under, especially in the nascent cryptocurrency space. Recently, as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on, the Cobinhood exchange went under as well. However, some accused it as an exit scam. Though these rumors were denied by the CEO, Pop Chen. He “insisted that the only issue was an internal restructuring that’s occurred due to financial misconduct disputes,” the article states.
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Author: Max Moeller

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