5 basics of finance/investment everyone should know

By senthil Nathan on The CapitalMoney has become an indispensable element of our life. Therefore, we exploit in a desirable manner for the same. After exploitation, we will hunt for channelizing our savings, in order to get a steady income in the near future. The above-mentioned point can be done in an efficient manner by gathering knowledge of finance.Emergency FundYou must secure yourself by savings 6 months of your estimated expenses. Everyone has their own commitments, according to that think and plan for the worst scenarios. In financial planning, you must always prefer to dominate savings for the worst scenarios, only then you can control and manage the moneyShort term InvestmentsWhen it comes to short term investments, you need to concentrate on the company/ organization where you’re planning to invest, after analyzing the company’s performance and history you can choose it wisely. For a short term investment most probably gain will be lesser than the long term investment. Instead of lesser gain, we have to think differentlyMoney will not multiply by itself, unless you invest itLong term investmentsWhen you go for long term investments, plan ahead that you’re not taking back the investment in a shorter period. In no way you should stop the investment, if you did so those investments will not fetch you gain for your money. Mostly young people won’t trap into a long term investment, because it is an age where you explore different things around the globe and moreover over it’s a dilemma stage. Once you’re strong in your mind you can start this type of investments5 basics of finance/investment everyone should know was originally published in The Capital on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Author: senthil nathan

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