Do US residents use their own personal bank to link to exchanges for deposits/withdrawals, or do they open another account with another bank?

I mean obviously for easiness I want to just use my personal bank to link but something inside tells me that’s not smart so I should operate crypto/investments with a completely different bank and account?What do you do personally? submitted by /u/DjentlemanThall3612[link] [comments]from Ethereum Go to Source Author:

How True Anonymity Made Darkcoin King of the Altcoins

How True Anonymity Made Darkcoin King of the Altcoins If you’re looking to conduct truly anonymous transactions, bitcoin isn’t the perfect digital currency to use. While personal identities are not shared via the bitcoin network, it is still possible to identify wallet addresses and follow transactions through the block chain. For a real anonymous coin, … Read more

Bitcoin Price Approaches $60K: What to Keep an Eye Out For

Bitcoin was in mint condition after the weekend as it headed towards $59K on Monday morning, preserving its high-performing crypto coin. Just this past weekend, Bitcoin experienced a slow deflation, first with a surprise rally on Friday. Things turned around on Sunday overnight as the Bitcoin price approached $60K as the cryptocurrency continues to hold … Read more

Dogecoin Has ‘Remarkably Strong Fundamentals’ Despite Deficiencies, Says Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz’s company, Galaxy Digital, has analyzed dogecoin and concluded that “despite its deficiencies, dogecoin has remarkably strong fundamentals and powerful forces supporting its rise.” Novogratz admitted that he had been too bearish on the cryptocurrency. Dogecoin Should Not Be Ignored, Says Galaxy Digital Galaxy Digital Research published a report on Tuesday entitled … Read more

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