Bitcoin & Co. – Austin E. Alexander: Bitcoin Is a Complete, Total Game Changer. It’s an Opt-Out.

Austin E. Alexander is working for the office of the CEO at Kraken. He joined Kraken at the end of 2013. Back then, Kraken had only 20 to 30 employees. Today it is one of the biggest and most respected crypto exchanges in the world. I met Austin at several bitcoin conferences and at the Baltic Honeybadger in Riga in October, we finally sat down to chat about his career and the developments in the bitcoin space since 2011. In 2013 he was co-founding the Bitcoin Center New York with Nick Spanos. He talks about how enthusiastically they have built the center and about the problems they ran into in the dawn of the Bit License. We also discuss his learnings in 2019 while visiting Uganda, Somalia, South Africa and Zimbabwe and much more.How he found out about BitcoinQuestioning the fiat and nation state systemSecurity Token OfferingsCo-founding the Bitcoin Center of New York with Nick SpanosEffects of the Bit License*His million dollar bicycleNot getting a bank accountFuture of Exchanges in countries like Uganda, Guatemala, Somalia, South Africa, ZimbabweHis visit in ZimbabweTime preference*Krakens compliance with regulationsLibra, an attack on bitcoinSponsors
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