Bitcoin & Co. – Dale Bewan: Using Bitcoin Only Since 2017

Todays guest is Dale Bewan. He is a married father of two, living in Germany. Since 2017 Bitcoin is the only money Dale is using. He does not own or hold any Fiat currency like Euros or US Dollars. We will talk about his motivation for doing so, how his wife and children deal with it, why he is using different identities, what LSD has to do with it, his Silkroad experiences, if he gets paid in Bitcoin and much more….Topics:Therapeutical benefits of using LSDWas Satoshi on LSD?Pseudonyms and identity on the internetDiscovering BitcoinHis silliest bitcoin mistakeBuying bitcoin to buy LSD on SilkroadSpend and replace tacticTools he is using for going bitcoin onlyThe Lightning Network and wallet analogiesBasic privacy tools and tacticsLinking Bitcoin to political ideasBitcoin adoption in Germany, Australia, TokyoShownotes on the episode page
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