Bitcoin & Co. – Liam Ball ‘” Maui: Bitcoin Is Truth

Today I am talking with Liam Ball a real estate broker on Maui, who tells us his story of how he got into Bitcoin, why it is interesting to him, the parallels of Bitcoin to his personal journey and also my journey, his real life use cases with Bitcoin and why Bitcoin is real.Bitcoin can allow person to person generosity over the entire planet. I think that’s an incredible thing. You’re taking these charitable organizations out of the middle and you’re just saying, I feel like being generous, here’s somebody who needs something and in 10 minutes they have it and it’s going right there. I think that’s amazing. – Liam BallI do like some of the the ethical changes or ideological changes that one tends to feel when you dive into the Bitcoin space. Things like responsibility and not entrusting third parties or governments. I like that aspect of encouraging humans to take responsibility for their situations in a self sovereign way but also in a community way. I think at the community level, where you live and helping people around you is really the best way to offer that kind of help. – Liam BallTopics:Bitcoin and BuddhismBeing a Bitcoiner and coming out of the closetUse cases: supporting HIV outreach team for sex workers in Ugandapaying rent for a friends mom in VenezuelaBitcoin is like property titleLearning about Bitcoin with podcastsShownotes and transcript
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