Bitcoin & Co. – Elena Tonoyan, LocalBitcoins COO: Bitcoin Provides Financial Inclusion and Will Grow

Joining me is Elena Tonoyan, she is the Chief Operating Officer at LocalBitcoins, the peer to peer bitcoin exchange that was founded as early as in 2012. We are looking into the history of LocalBitcoins, it’s growth, and optimistic outlook for the years to come. You will also learn about the values and usecases of Bitcoin that Elena finds important, because they solve real problems and have a positive impact on peoples lives.Our topics:history and growth of LocalBitcoinsfinancial inclusion esp. for womenbitcoin demand in Africa, India, Latin Americasupporting altcoinsfraud in tradingintegration of the Lightning networkthe future of BitcoinExpanding businessP2P exchanges vs. centralized exchanges”Bitcoin provides financial inclusion. It is solving real world problems for many under-banked people across the globe, people who have limited access to a modern economy and empowering women is another big aspect for me. There are unfortunately still countries where women don’t have free access they are not allowed to open bank accounts without permission of, for example, a family member. And Bitcoin is obviously solving that problem. And I’m personally very happy about that.” – Elena Tonoyan”I’m sure that during the coming years and decades, we will see several booms and busts in Bitcoin. However, what is important and what we believe is that the Bitcoin usage and adoption will continue to increase til unforeseeable future.” – Elena TonoyanFull transcript on the episode page
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