Bitcoin & Co. – Lyn Alden: Bullish on Bitcoin ‘” a Strategic Value Investors View

Lyn Alden wrote a longform article about the 3 reasons why she is investing in Bitcoin. Lyn Alden is an investment strategist with a background in engineering and finance. She focusses on value investing with a global macro overlay. When I first heard Lyn Alden speaking I immediately knew, that I wanted to have her on my show, because her insights are smart, concise and I learned a lot about the global and US specific economical situation. I think it is one of the best interviews so far on my show. I hope you can take as much away from it, as I did.Our topics:Her Bitcoin storyFitness and MMAThe macro view on the economical situationThe price to be the world reserve currency nationReasons she is investing in BitcoinScarcity and network effectWhy bitcoin is superior to altcoinsComparing Libra and gold to BitcoinThe thing nobody is talking aboutWhat are the main reasons why you are bullish on Bitcoin?”The first reason is, that, Bitcoin has demonstrated that it has a pretty strong network effect over time. The second reason is the halving, most of the bullish price action of Bitcoin tends to happen in the first year or two after a halving. And then the final reason was the macro backdrop, it pretty much, couldn’t be better for Bitcoin and also for things like silver and that’s because with so much money printing with so much bailouts happening, if you look at it historically, just whenever debt levels reach this high, there’s usually some sort of a macro economic event like a currency devaluation that happens over the subsequent decade.” – Lyn AldenFull transcript on the episode page
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