Bitcoin’s smallest unit Satoshi now in the Oxford Dictionary

Satoshi, Bitcoin’s smallest divisible unit, is now an official English word. While it has been used in the crypto community for years, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added the term earlier this month.

Satoshi unit in the dictionary

The crypto community needs new words to explain different aspects of the new technology, new processes and a new market. Just think of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Dapp, Security Tokens, Initial Coin Offer (ICO), Hodl and so on which confuse one or the other. The most important historical dictionary in English, regularly updated by the Oxford University Press, has just added the term Satoshi.

    The smallest monetary unit in the digital payment system Bitcoin, which corresponds to one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.

The dictionary explains that the word comes from a real name – Satoshi Nakamoto. Under this pseudonym, a cryptography expert or a group started the crypto-currency Bitcoin more than a decade ago. Whoever it was, that person has managed to integrate his pseudonym into the English dictionary, and that’s certainly not an easy task.

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