Buy Crypto with Zero Fee Using Bank Transfer in UK and Apple Pay in US

Nuo becomes the First DeFi Platform to enable users to earn over *8% interest on Crypto Using Apple Pay and Bank TransferEarning 8%* interest is now just a few seconds awayStarting today, Nuo has made it easier for crypto users from the US and UK to directly buy and earn interest over crypto using Apple Pay and bank transfer respectively in under 30 seconds.**Note: Users from UK can buy crypto for absolutely 0 trading fee until December 31, 2019*With this, Nuo aims to lower the barriers of entry into DeFi space for traders across the world starting with the US and UK. This fiat on-ramp integration of Apple pay to buy crypto on Nuo Network will meticulously to be a pivotal step towards catalyzing the mass adoption of DeFi.Nuo users from the US can buy ETH, DAI and USDC using their Apple Pay in under 30 seconds. For now, the limits for buying crypto have been set to $40 across all ETH, DAI and USDC for US customers.Note: We are working on increasing the limits and shall be able to provide better liquidity soon!Buy Crypto on Nuo using Apple Pay and Bank Transfer in US: Real-timeTraders from the UK can buy ETH and DAI using their bank in under 30 seconds at 0 fees. Users can buy up to 4 ETH and 375 DAI tokens for now on Nuo.Buy Crypto on Nuo using Bank Transfer in UK: Real-timeThe VisionBuilding a fully non-custodial platform that enables equal opportunity and access to financial services for everyone, wasn’t easy. We’ve come a long way but we are just getting started!Creating a new age DeFi protocol requires a great team, amazing partners and a supportive community. It also needs a lot of patience. We aim to create a financial ecosystem that is fair and transparent — one that you would be proud to call your own.The interest rates on Nuo are variable and change based on supply and demand. We show an estimated interest rate APR.Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Opinions, statements, estimates, and projections in this message or other media are solely those of the individual author(s). The content in this article is not sponsored by anyone and the views mentioned in this are sole of the writers. First seen on Nuo.Altcoin Magazine Crypto with Zero Fee Using Bank Transfer in UK and Apple Pay in US was originally published in ALTCOIN MAGAZINE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Author: Syed Shoeb