UNICEF to invest Ethereum in startups in Argentina and Mexico

The international organization for the protection of children’s rights, UNICEF, announced that it will invest in seven startups from six countries, the amount being sent in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).In Latin America, those selected were Argentina and Mexico, which will have a company from each country receiving a contribution of US$ 100,000. African countries such … Read more

Bitcoin Is The Steak Of Money

The connection between carnivory and bitcoin is one that intrigues those outside and inside of this niche culture-cross. Bitcoin carnivorism is an interesting cross section of traditionality with modern technology. And yet, despite first appearances that the two are unrelated, the consumption of meat combined with the usage of cryptographically secure digital money is closely … Read more

Lessons From The Winklevoss Twins On Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is a serious issue that affects the Bitcoin community as much as any other — and should not be stigmatized. Bitcoin4Couples is a duo-author of Nicole and Josh Doña — instances of first person are marked with (name) to avoid confusion. On May 18, 2021, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss appeared on Coffee with … Read more

Ethereum Price Prediction: A Move Above $2,800 Is Bullish for Ether – InvestingCube

Ethereum Price Prediction: A Move Above $2,800 Is Bullish for Ether  InvestingCubefrom “ethereum” – Google News https://www.investingcube.com/ethereum-price-prediction-a-move-above-2800-is-bullish-for-ether-cryptocurrencies/ Go to Source Author:

CryptoPoolMirror Reinvents Crowdfunding with New Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency – Yahoo Finance

CryptoPoolMirror Reinvents Crowdfunding with New Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency  Yahoo Financefrom “ethereum” – Google News https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cryptopoolmirror-reinvents-crowdfunding-ethereum-based-064800214.html Go to Source Author:

Plebs Versus Patricians In Ancient Rome — What Can Bitcoiners Learn?

The ancient lower class struggled against the ruling patricians, much as bitcoiners struggle against modern monoliths today. In this memo, I look into the original plebs — the plebeian class of ancient Rome. The bitcoin plebs are the solid core of the community, and the bitcoin rabbit hole has encouraged all of us to read … Read more

Bitcoin And The Illusion Of Reality

The current metrics and systems posed by the federal reserve are designed to beguile and disguise the reality of money. A look at how the people in power may have more in common with a jewel beetle than you’d initially expect and how bitcoin may have the answer. In this article, we touch on: ● … Read more

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