Ethereum needs to get serious about the decentralized NFT/Gaming scene, or it won’t win

As the lead developer for, it’s clear that we are standing at a crucial time in the development of NFT based gaming. There are two major directions that the industry can go:(1) Big legacy brands like Nike and Ubisoft come in and make “NFT”s that are mostly tradeable and mostly usable. But the key thing here is that big brand like that do not care about decentralization, fairness, or whatever. They care about owning and protecting their brand, self promotion, which is what they’ve always done. They don’t care if it’s ERC721 on Ethereum — probably better if it’s not, actually, since they want instant transactions and a backdoor that lets them ultimately control the tokens (i.e. their “brand”). As a result, several other competing blockchains have come to be, with the use of enabling big-brand-backed NFT-like gaming. Flow, Near, Tron, HyperLedger, Polkadot — all want an active gaming scene, and they are ready to make compromises in decentralization to make it happen. They are ready to pay teams to build on their network — most of the above blockchains have come and talked to us already. That’s what Ethereum is up against — well funded legacy brands, armed with well funded new-age blockchains. They could build an item trading product that’s 99% good enough feature-wise for gamers, while throwing fairness and decentralization into the trash(2) The gamers unite and demand that game items be tradeable, fair, decentralized, have true ownership. Big brands realize that there’s tremendous value to building on a decentralized, open, unified ecosystem. Ethereum becomes the hub of NFTs, in the same way that Ethereum has already won DeFi and Tokens. Ethereum games would need to integrate more deeply into each other, with DeFi, and the larger Ethereum ecosystem to create a “network effect” that makes Ethereum the clear winner in the decentralized item ownership space. A consistent Layer2 strategy would need to emerge, to make actions like getting an item, transferring it to an NFT Exchange (like OpenSea) — instant and transparentI mean, yeah, it’s gonna be messy. Both strategies will exist for some time, until the market settles onto what it really wants. But I’m just here to tell you, that if the Ethereum community / leaders continue to largely ignore NFTs, option #1 will probably win. Other blockchains are out there paying teams, and building tech that appeals to legacy brands. What do I mean by “continue to largely ignore”? Well, how about this recent tweet (or many others by /u/vbuterin):Luckily, there’s many categories of ethereum applications (and other chains) that go beyond finance. Decentralized censorship-resistant publishing and communication, decentralized communities / governance / DAOs, DAOs for content curation, etc etc. All important work.I love Vitalik, and feel like I share a lot of history with him, being a Russian/Canadian myself. But when he talks about NFTs, he talks about social impact, not gaming, like this clip: lot of Ethereum’s devs and leadership talk like DeFi, DAOs, Publishing, L2 Scaling, Finance are the only things that matter. Guys, GAMING made computers what they are today. We only have graphics cards as good as we do because gamers demanded it. We have this multi-billion dollar gaming industry that’s being run by the biggest tech companies in the world (Microsoft, Sony). Gaming could be the very thing that takes crypto mainstream, like CryptoKitties almost did (until the scalability stopped their epic run). Why ignore it?So this is my call to action:Ethereum Leadership, please pay attention to gaming. It matters. It drives adoption. Actively aim to beat the other blockchains. Fund Ethereum gaming companies, and agree with them that they’ll stay on Ethereum. Promote the NFT gaming scene, and don’t treat us like an afterthought that’s “just for fun” or “just gambling”Ethereum Users, please care that crypto gaming happens with Ethereum, in a fair decentralized way. Ethereum has won DeFi, ERC20s, but not gaming (yet). Let’s win across the board!All the best guys, and a bright future to this excellent network ❤️ submitted by /u/hugelung[link] [comments]from Ethereum
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