Gas prices higher than bank fees

I’ve been into ethereum since early 2016. In those days, you could send a tx for fractions of a cent. Now, when I play with defi stuff (mainly DEX) or even just moving stuff around between myetherwallets, tx fees are rarely less than a dollar, in some cases $12. Worst one I saw was mStable at a whopping $98 tx fee!! This is insane.Yes, I know you an play around with gas fees as the defaults sometimes get it wrong, but jeez I shouldn’t have to wait hours just to get a reasonable tx fee. I have dribs and drabs of shitcoins I’d like to consolidate so I can trade, but it’s prohibitively expensive to move them.What gives? What’s making it so damn expensive right now? Is there are clear path to being these fees down? Or do we have to wait until Eth 2.0 for this? Just curious cos I think fees like this will scare off any normies especially from the financial sector dipping their toes into defi. Are there Layer 2 things we should all start using? submitted by /u/cmskipsey[link] [comments]from Ethereum
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