I made an easy way to make FNFTs, Fungible Non Fungible Tokens, for things like fractional ownership and tickets

You’ve heard of traditional NFTs like CryptoKitties. Well now we can sub-divide those or to look at it another way, create multiple copies of one using the same meta-data. This is all possible using the ERC-1155 standard created by Enjin, but unlike Enjin you don’t need any Enjin tokens or special software besides Ethereum to make them in my app. It’s all on the main chain and whatever you want to do with them or whatever they represent is up to you. After you make them you can see them in any wallets that use the OpenSea api like Trust and Coinbase wallet or buy and sell them on OpenSea. I was actually thinking FNFTs might be better for stocks than ERC20s since there are no decimals involved. Anyway let me know what you think. I hope the article is clear.https://medium.com/@nickjuntilla/easy-way-to-make-blockchain-nfts-and-fnft-tokens-no-coding-266a39b354d5 submitted by /u/receiptcoin[link] [comments]from Ethereum https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/dytmrt/i_made_an_easy_way_to_make_fnfts_fungible_non/
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