Introducing Lending by Blockchain Markets

Liquidity at any scale. Terms designed for crypto institutions.
Today, we’re publicly unveiling our lending desk from Blockchain Markets.  Since quietly launching to a select group of clients in August, our lending operation has quickly grown, making one of the top five lenders in crypto. Our institutional clients have lent, traded, or borrowed over $1.6B in cryptocurrencies.
Our team is most excited about offering institutional clients access to another reliable, high-quality source of liquidity as they work to create fair and efficient markets.
What we found through conversations with clients, prospects, and peers across the world is that despite borrowing billions of dollars worth of crypto in recent years, institutional investors still have concerns about the availability of reliable counterparties who can lend at large scale across any of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, USDt, and USD.
And access to crypto isn’t enough.
Institutions’ needs are evolving so fast that they’ve outgrown standard borrowing agreements. They need a partner who can lend at large scale and is willing to customize agreements that prioritize risk above revenue.
Further, most of these institutions either don’t have the appetite or ability to manage what we consider excessive risks of highly-leveraged loans that prioritize revenue over stability.
Crypto is an entirely new financial system, one that requires a new approach than the long established world of lending. We’re able to offer clients bespoke borrowing agreements that take into account the unique aspects of crypto versus standard lending terms. The results from investing the time to forge deep, strategic partnerships with our clients have already been evident.
The relationships we’ve established with clients are not only expanding liquidity for the crypto community and emerging networks, but doing so responsibly.
Building this desk with our Head of Lending, Reid Simon, the Blockchain Markets team, and the community outside of our own walls has been a rewarding experience, but I’m even more excited about where our lending products go from here. Stay tuned!
If you work at an institution investing and trading cryptocurrencies, there’s plenty of liquidity to go around and a team dedicated to supporting your business. Get in-touch by emailing [email protected]
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