Jim O’Shaughnessy – From Wall Street to Bitcoin – WBD167

‘œThe last sustainable edge in investing is human behaviour’ because it doesn’t change.”” Jim O’ShaughnessyLocation: New YorkDate: Tuesday, 22nd OctProject: O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLCRole: Chairman & Chief Investment OfficerJim O’Shaughnessy is a true Wall Street Legend and the best selling author of What Works on Wall Street and Invest Like the Best.With over 30 years of research in equity returns, Jim O’Shaughnessy is a pioneer of quantitative equity research, with over $6 billion under management.How he achieved this success is no secret, and his four books share, in detail, what he’s learnt along the way. As a New York Times bestseller, he writes on the roles that value, quality and momentum all play in investing.His grandfather’s success sparked Jim’s interest in investing. O’Shaughnessy’s grandfather built what was, one of the world’s largest privately-owned oil companies, before giving away 95% of his fortune. It was family discussions around what to do with that money which got 17-year-old O’Shaughnessy interested in the markets.In this interview, I sat down with Jim to discuss his career, media power & bias, censorship and free speech, quantitative easing and investing.This episode is also on:iTunesYoutubeStitcherGoogle PlayTuneIn
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