Monopoly — The Unfair Game

Monopoly — The Unfair GameBy Pavan Joshi on The CapitalLegendary investor and author Robert Kiyosaki’s classic “ Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book starts with a conversation between two best friends. The poor friend who returned from the war, saved a few thousand dollars, meets his childhood friend in the lavish home. Father of the rich friend was an uneducated person who used to rely on various small transactions to make up his living whereas his father was a well-educated government employee.The poor friend asks his rich friend to invest all his savings into whatever his investments are so that he can get rich by following the rich friend. The rich friend tries to explain to him that it is not possible due to the rules of the government and he has to explore other options. Poor friend gets very upset with the response and later the Rich dad starts teaching him the “rules of the game.”“To invest in your rich friend’s investment you need to be wealthy. You need to be an Accredited Investor” ( net worth of at least 1 million $ or 200k annual income for the last two years ). To get there you need to start investing slow and steady, he added. Accredited Investors are big players and venture capitalists like ‘Benchmark Capital’ who invested in Uber $11 million in 2010 (~0.06 cent per share )to turn it into $7 billion (650+ times ) before permitting an average Joe like the poor friend to purchase each stock at 45$ in 2019.Robert Kiyosaki continues to teach many interesting lessons to understand tax rules, balance sheet, evaluating potential, real estate, Gold, education, experience, excess cash, cash flow quadrants that needs to be taught from the childhood including the game “MONOPOLY.”Monopoly or The Business Game is one of the most popular games played and enjoyed by probably every child to adult. It is great fun to buy lands, hotels, homes, railways, etc and charge money to other players passing by to get rich and rich every round. Rules of the game are described on a paper and called out and Banker is the most powerful person.This game teaches us many lessons that can be carried out in real life. Listing a few below to recall memory:Banker is the boss. He can control the money supply, provide loans by keeping collateral. The banker can flood money and “never goes bankrupt.”Players who have Airlines and Railways industries earn huge amounts like corporates.Player with Hotels, Houses, Lands make decent amount like Small Business.The rest of the people keep paying the money to the above players and banks like a common man with the hope of fortune.Whenever a game is in crisis, the bank keeps distributing new money to keep the game going .What happens when the money is exhausted???Read the rule below :Monopoly — The Unfair Game was originally published in The Capital on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Author: Pavan Joshi

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