POV Crypto – Leveraging DIA and Bitcoin on Ledn.io, with Mauricio Di Bartolome

Co founder of Ledn.io Mauricio Di Bartolome joins POV Crypto to discuss why a Bitcoin only financial business like Ledn has chosen to use the DAI stablecoin to pay out loans. This is a wide ranging conversation that covers the following topics. Bitcoin predictionsThe power of the stateThe history of StablecoinsWhy DAIGrowing up in Venezuela SponsorseToro – Sign up for the best trading in CryptoQuantstamp – Get a security audit with the expertsUnchained Capital – Easy BTC cold storage and BTC backed loansPlease rate and share the podcast!You can find us‚@POVCryptopod‚on Twitter.‚David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium‚@TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter‚@ck_SNARKsSend Bitcoin: 3P1kkSBdsc2vPWXin3h6bdVeTS4BzXdNG1Send Ether: POVCrypto.eth
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