POV Crypto – Did Bitcoin open a Portal with Robert Breedlove

Robert Breedlove comes to POV crypto to discuss his analogy of “Bitcoin is the number 0”. Robert claims that, before humans understood the concept of ‘0’, their lives were limited and dull, but after understanding 0, a new world of possibility opened up. Does Bitcoin offer the same?Please rate and share the podcast!You can find us @POVCryptopod on Twitter. David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium @TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter @ck_SNARKs [Guest] Robert on Twitter: @breedlove22SponsorsAlto IRA – The leading platform for individuals to invest in alternative assets with IRA savings, Visit www.altoira.com/povcrypto for more information.Please rate and share the podcast!You can find us‚@POVCryptopod‚on Twitter.‚David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium‚@TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter‚@ck_SNARKsSend Bitcoin: 3P1kkSBdsc2vPWXin3h6bdVeTS4BzXdNG1Send Ether: POVCrypto.eth
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