POV Crypto – Fight Night XI: BTC V ETH V DCR with Checkmate

Prolific crypto analyst and Decred bull, Checkmate comes on to POV Crypto for a three-way fight night episode. This is an extremely well balanced episode with compares and contrasts bull and bear case for all three assets. We discuss the following topics‚Decred 101The yin and yang between BTC and DCR‚The human side to Ethereum and Crypto‚The motes that BTC, DCR, and ETH have and don’t have‚SponsorseToro – Sign up for the best trading in CryptoPlease rate and share the podcast!You can find us‚@POVCryptopod‚on Twitter.‚David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium‚@TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter‚@ck_SNARKsSend Bitcoin: 3P1kkSBdsc2vPWXin3h6bdVeTS4BzXdNG1Send Ether: POVCrypto.eth
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