POV Crypto – Money Games, with Dan Elitzer

Money is the Game, and the Game is Winning Money. Dan Elitzer comes to PoV Crypto to discuss an under-reported arena of Ethereum: Money GamesMoney games are player-vs-player economic games where some people lose, and some people win!What does this mean for Ethereum? Get your imagination going!Dan Elitzer’s backgroundPoolTogether, as a money-gameProof-of-Weak-HandsFOMO3dJust.GAMEDex Liquidity GameAll these “Money-Games” lockup ETH as a function of their operation. An explosion of “Money-Games” will lock up lots of ETH!SponsorseToro – Sign up for the best trading in CryptoCelsius – Use promo code POV to get $10 in Bitcoin with a $200 depositRealT – RealT is the first to tokenize U.S. real estate products!Please rate and share the podcast!You can find us‚@POVCryptopod‚on Twitter.‚David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium‚@TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter‚@ck_SNARKsGUEST: Dan Elitzer on Twitter @delitzerSend Bitcoin: 3P1kkSBdsc2vPWXin3h6bdVeTS4BzXdNG1Send Ether: POVCrypto.eth
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