POV Crypto – The Great Debate, With Eric Conner and Ryan Sean Adams

David invites two other Ethereum evangelists to POV Crypto for a discussion on Ethereum as an alternative financial platform.We get a little of that, but mostly a Bitcoin vs Ethereum as money debate!TOPICSRisk of Bitcoin security modelChain security in relation to moneyness‚Commodity money vs pure moneyThe importance of scaling L1 to achieve mass adoption/moneynessPlease rate and share the podcast!SponsorseToro – Sign up for the best trading in CryptoCelsius – Use promo code POV to get $10 in Bitcoin with a $200 depositRealT – RealT is the first to tokenize U.S. real estate products!Please rate and share the podcast!You can find us‚@POVCryptopod‚on Twitter.‚David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium‚@TrustlessStateChristian Keroles on Twitter‚@ck_SNARKsGUEST 1: Ryan Sean Adams on Twitter @RyanSAdamsGUEST 2: Eric Conner on Twitter @econoarSend Bitcoin: 3P1kkSBdsc2vPWXin3h6bdVeTS4BzXdNG1Send Ether: POVCrypto.eth
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