Protofire and its many Integrations!

MADE IN CANVAProtofire is a platform that facilitates the growth of decentralized protocols by providing tools that help improve performance and reduce costs. It also provides a consultation service to assess flaws, deliver solutions, and develop future projects.What is Protofire?Protofire is a group that consists of highly motivated individuals who help people who want to create projects that serve a larger community. 80% of the code developed by Protofire is open-source, which highlights its message about serving online blockchain communities.How does it help projects?Implementing Smart Contract development and best practices like CI/CD pipelines that provide a faster way to send code changes. If design is not your forte, then Protofire has you covered in the web department along with mobile while presenting an attractive UX that wins over users. Guiding you through the entire developmental process of DApps from planning to deployment. Not to forget the critical tools needed to achieve these processes, which include SDKs(Software Development Kits), APIs, and app components. It also integrates your projects with oracles that feed reliable data from external sources.Protofire’s many integrations with Chainlink!Chainlink has a grant program that it uses to provide projects necessary resources to flourish and benefit the community. Projects built on Protofire have been on the receiving end of many such grants. Avalanche was the first to be provided direct financial support from this grant. Avalanche is a platform that serves as a launchpad for interoperable blockchains and decentralized applications. It currently has two widely beneficial protocols:- Avalanche-DAG-optimized consensus protocol that has a high production output along with making it easy to erase data from old verified blocks. Snowman-a chain-optimized consensus protocol again has a great output in terms of capacity and is perfect for smart contracts.The second recipient of this grant is the Polkadot-based smart contract platform Plasm and Shiden, a subsidiary of Plasm. The goal is to use Chainlink’s oracles to feed high-quality data from external sources. This will serve the price feeds of Plasm and Shiden along with being applicable in several different cases. Plasm strives to be a multi-chain smart contract platform that will support various blockchains and virtual machines like EVM.Celo is the latest beneficiary of Chainlink’s grant to fuel its mobile-first blockchain platform. Chainlink’s resources, in particular, oracles will be used in order to bring timely data for price feeds in an unbiased manner. This adds to the security of Celo’s stablecoins, in addition to being used for borrowing, asset management, remittances. This carbon-negative platform operates on the proof of stake protocol which they consistently contribute towards.Published ByDWAYNE D’CUNHA, WRITER ON MEDIUM.Originally published at out our new platform 👉 and its many Integrations! was originally published in The Capital on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Author: Dwayne D’cunha

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