Reduction of the block reward in upcoming ice-age delay fork

As evidenced by multiple posts being voted up to the top, there is a strong will from this community to have a block reward reduction in Muir Glacier along with the delaying of the ice age.All delays to date have come with a reduction and there is no good reason why this status quo should be changed.As I pointed out in a previous post, we are currently overpaying for security. we already pay a higher reward than bitcoin, and Bitcoin will have a block reward reduction in May, which will reduce their yearly inflation to 1.6%. If we do not reduce the ETH block reward we will be paying 4.6%.The fact that we are now at 2 ETH also shows this number was merely just a ‘guess’ as it is a round number not based on extensive optimization metrics or formulae. There is no reason why ‘2’ ETH should have been assumed to be optimal then, or that it is now.It seems likely that a number between 1 and 2 is more efficient. Perhaps the optimal number is 1.72368421.The fact is, nobody has done up-to-date, extensive analysis on current economic situation, and there is no reason to state anything less than ‘2’ is unsafe without sound reasoning and actual data. Leaving the reward at ‘2’ is just as incorrect as setting it to any other number. A detailed analysis should be done to determine how low the reward can be safely set.I will be working on this in the coming days and will post my findings here, and i encourage others in the community to do the same. submitted by /u/Crypto_Economist42[link] [comments]from Ethereum
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