Grand Time: The First Truly Complete Crypto Platform Which Can Finally Take Crypto Into the Mainstream

Cryptocurrencies are now more popular than ever, but unfortunately blockchain adoption is not yet truly widespread. While owning digital currencies is common among younger and more tech-savvy people, the general public still considers crypto as something that’s far too complicated. Grand Time is a project which aims to change it by building a complete ecosystem … Read more

Over $10 Billion in OneCoin Transactions Traced to Seychelles: Police Investigation Requested

Seychelles: The Seychelles Police Financial Crimes Unit has been asked to investigate multiple transaction involving the transfer of 230,000 Bitcoins, cash and property worth over $10 billion between Ruja Ignatova and confederates .  The transfer utilized Powers of Attorney notarized in the Seychelles and signed by OneCoin masterminds Ruja Ignatova and Karl Sebastian Greenwood.    The … Read more

What Bitcoin Did – WBD329: Bitcoin’s Path to $10 Trillion with Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

Location: RemotelyDate: Wednesday 31st MarchCompany: GeminiRole: Co-FoundersEarlier this year, bitcoin hit a significant milestone when the market capitalisation (the price of the entire current supply) hit $1trillion for the first time. As Cameron Winklevoss said, “from white paper to $1 trillion, bitcoin is eating gold alive.”Cameron and Tyler expect this trend to continue. With bitcoin … Read more

Block Crunch – Tranchess: $500M of Capital to DeFi Structured Products In One Week – Danny Chong, Tranchess, Ep. 159

Tranchess (@tranchess) is a new structured DeFi product offering a fixed income and Bitcoin exposure to users.Within one week of its launch, Tranchess has attracted $500M of capital in the protocol. I invited Tranchess co-founder, Danny Chong, to discuss the tranche product landscape, who are the next big wave of users in DeFi, and the … Read more

Bitcoin Audible – Read_552 – Inside Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution [Alex Gladstein]

‘œThis technology goes around blockades and government restrictions, it allows you to move value without trusting anyone, it connects you to the world, and it allows you to empower yourself and do things that are otherwise impossible,’ he said. ‘œIt has created hope for those who want change.’Today Alex Galdstein takes us on another Bitcoin … Read more

South African Man Loses $900,000 Worth Of Bitcoin After Accidentally Deleting Keys

Bitcoin holding is only as good as long as the holder does not lose their keys. It is very important when it comes to holding to make sure that one’s keys are secure. This is because once the keys are lost, there is no way to recover the lost coins. That is how secure the … Read more

The Altcoin Evolution – Part III: The Challenges – Use Case & Value

In the last episode of “Altcoin Evolution”, we discussed hurdles that can prevent more casual crypto investors from acquiring some of the more obscure altcoins. Obviously, accessibility to investment is paramount to getting in the hands of consumers, and for projects to continue their own ‘evolution’. Despite continued market-wide shifts to make crypto more easily … Read more

Bitcoin Poised To Explode Above $50K?, Why Fundamentals Shout More Profits

Bitcoin has climbed up from every major resistance level in the past month. At the time of writing, BTC trades at $48,412 with a 3.8% profit. BTC on a rally in the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview After weeks in the green, the general sentiment in the crypto market has flipped decisively bullish as sellers … Read more

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast – Running Bitcoin in 2021 with Seb Bunney

Despite the multitude of opinions on Bitcoin and its future, the reality is that we are at a huge inflection point in history. Our guest today, Seb Bunney, explains why the decentralization of the economy presents us with an exceptional opportunity to build equality and escape this economic modern-day slavery perpetuated by banks and the … Read more

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