SEC Chair Gensler Outlines Plans for Crypto Trading, Exchanges, Investor Protection, Bitcoin ETFs

The chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, has outlined how the SEC plans to regulate the crypto industry. Focusing on investor protection, Gensler discussed concerns the SEC has about crypto trading, exchanges, lending, defi platforms, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Gary Gensler Outlines SEC’s Crypto Priorities SEC Chairman Gary Gensler outlined … Read more

Crypto Crime Falls in China, Surges in Hong Kong, Reports Reveal

China’s cryptocurrency transactions related to criminal activities have decreased significantly over the past couple of years, a new report suggests. At the same time, its special administrative region of Hong Kong is seeing a spike in crypto-related crime this year, with authorities attributing the rise to the popularity of crypto investments. Chinese Crime-Related Crypto Transactions … Read more

Millions of Latest Antminers S19i Are Ready – BitFuFu Cloud Hashrate Platform Restarts Running Plan

PRESS RELEASE. Since May 30, the BTC mining difficulty has lowered for 4 times in a row. The mining rig migration is continuing, leading to a surge of incomes in mining farms outside China. With early layout of mining farms outside China, BitFuFu takes the lead to restart running plan and restock new mining plans. … Read more

Ethereum Set To Explode According To Market Dominance, Crypto Analyst

Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten recently said in a video analysis session on YouTube that Ethereum’s price is poised to explode. Merten pointed out that price analysis really isn’t the reason that the number 2 cryptocurrency is set to explode, but what the market dominance shows that actually shows this. This shows through when the cryptocurrency … Read more

The Bullish Bitcoin Crossover No One Is Paying Attention To

The Bitcoin 20 DMA seems to have just crossed with the 50 DMA, here is how it might be bullish for the cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Bullish Crossover As pointed out by a BTC technical analyst on Twitter, two important indicators of the cryptocurrency have just had a crossover. The two metrics are the 20 daily-moving … Read more

How A Hammer & The Golden Ratio Could Mean 6 More Months Of Bullish Bitcoin

Bitcoin price is attempting to get back above $40,000, and with that milestone out of the way, $50,000 and $60,000 next stand in the way between it and another new all-time high. Although things have taken a bearish turn over the last quarter, the next two quarters in Bitcoin could end up being the most … Read more

Block Crunch – Finding Conviction in a Crypto Bear Market – Arthur Cheong, DeFiance Capital, Ep. 156

DeFiance Capital is one of the first hedge funds that champion “fundamentals investing” – focusing less on market structure and technical analysis, more on things such as protocol revenues and user growth when formulating their trades.Founder Arthur Cheong (Arthur0x) joins me in discussing:Finding conviction in bear marketsFinding valuation frameworks that matter in cryptoHow Arthur identifies … Read more

What Bitcoin Did – WBD325: Bitcoin Tech #3 – Wallets with Shinobi

Location: RemotelyDate: Tuesday 23rd MarchCompany: Block DigestRole: HostWith Bitcoin, if you don’t control your private keys, you don’t own your bitcoin. That means the first thing you should do once you have bought bitcoin is to move it to a wallet you control.Bitcoin wallets come in all shapes and sizes and offer different use cases … Read more

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast – Why Bitcoin is Intelligent w/ Aleks Svetski

Aleks Svetski discussed his ‘œIntelligent Guide To Bitcoin’ and the misunderstandings about BTC that are often perpetuated.Many in the traditional financial space, government and academia have long dismissed Bitcoin as a silly toy for criminals and predicted that its price will go to zero. These predictions remain commonplace in the mainstream media to this day, … Read more

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