Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: BTC/USD Slumps to $38,343 Low as Bitcoin Resumes Uptrend

Bitcoin (BTC) In a Brief Fall as Bitcoin Resumes Uptrend – July 30, 2021  On July 28, BTC/USD rallied to $40,900 high as Bitcoin resumes uptrend. The bulls could not sustain the bullish momentum above the $40,000 high. For the past three days, Bitcoin has been consolidating below the psychological price level. Today, BTC price … Read more

These 5 Cryptocurrency Could See Price Boom This Weekend – Where To Buy

The cryptocurrency market has consolidated after a week of encouraging growth. Its total value stands at $1.62 trillion, having risen from $1.37 trillion a week ago. This represents a jump of just over 18%, with some of the biggest rising by an even bigger percentage. Bitcoin has appreciated by 22% in a week, while ethereum … Read more

A Comprehensive Review of WEWE Global – a New Cryptocurrency project

A Comprehensive Review of WEWE Global – a New Cryptocurrency project The year 2021 was full of new cryptocurrency projects, each with its own innovation. We’ve got Student Coin, DuckDAO, Unicrypt, and so on. But out of all the projects we encountered this year, WEWE Global has all the chances to get first place. Because … Read more

How Audit and KYC Projects Build Trust in DeFi Industry

The Decentralized Finance world is one of the most outstanding financial revolutions of the 21st century. Generally, with DeFi, everyone globally can take charge of their finances and investments while benefiting from other services like lending, gaming, etc.However, the trust in DeFi is still lagging; thus, the adoption is also lagging. The primary reason for the … Read more

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