The people of Zimbabwe are trapped in an abusive, inflationary financial system. Crypto can now directly address this. We submit the ZimDai Paper: A Blueprint for an Economic Jailbreak. It’s time for crypto to make an impact on the global stage.

Today the people of Zimbabwe face extreme inflation, financial uncertainty, and constricting banking limits such as daily withdrawal limits of ~$3/day. I don’t think I need to explain the evils of runaway inflation here. Zimbabwe suffers.The global community has been unable to address this kind of problem, whether in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, or Argentina: grassroots or political pressure alone just does not work against such entrenched interests.But crypto has long dreamed to be able to provide economic haven in these situations. We believe that today we finally have the tools to make this dream a reality.We are excited to begin circulation of The ZimDai Whitepaper: A Blueprint for an Economic Jailbreak.Via Dai, crypto can provide a stable economic platform to the people of Zimbabwe, something more important to Zimbabwe’s growth than anything Greenpeace or the UN could offer. This is a historic opportunity for massive positive impact that only crypto can provide.This dream has been close to the heart of the crypto faithful for years, so we expect this to garner a lot of skepticism. We only ask that you channel this skepticism into specific constructive criticism, based on the content of the paper.Links to discussion channels are included in the paper. Please read and circulate as widely as possible, so we can put all of our weight behind a plan we agree on and finally put an end to this nonsense. submitted by /u/coinop-logan[link] [comments]from Ethereum
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