Weekend Read — Crypto Twitter’s Crazy Tweets on ‘I have a Joke’

Weekend Read — Crypto Twitter’s Crazy Tweets on ‘I have a Joke’By , some more are listed below;I have a joke about Bitcoin, but I’m hodling it.I have a funded startup joke. It pays $5 for everyone who says “HaHa”I have a joke about banks, but I need to see two forms of ID before I tell it to you.I have a joke about the DAO, but…oh wait, sorry, I *had* a joke about the DAO, but Vitalik forked it away. You can still find it on Ethereum Classic, though.I have a joke about ICOs, but you’re going to have to pay me a bunch of money first for some joke coupons which can be used to hear the joke. Oh, and I have no obligation to deliver the joke nor deliver a good joke.I tried to make a joke about Ethereum’s monetary policy, but it kept changing.I have a joke about bitcoin but zero confirmationsI have a joke about ZCash, and trust me, it’s funny.I have a joke about crypto keys, but it’s pretty random.I have a joke about Craig Wright but no one will believe it.Well, The ‘I have a joke’ which was trending in late July on Twitter bought some humourous illusions of the crypto space. It also tried to bring out the hard facts or issues in the funniest way.The article is originally published at — Coinpediahttps://twitter.com/thecapital_iohttps://medium.com/media/3b6b127891c5c8711ad105e61d6cc81f/hrefWeekend Read — Crypto Twitter’s Crazy Tweets on ‘I have a Joke’ was originally published in The Capital on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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