Would you use Ether to bet on PredictIt.org markets?

I am thinking about creating a website that allows you to bet Ether on PredictIt.org markets. It will use an oracle that retrieves data from the PredictIt.org API, and payouts will be immediate (unlike Augur).For example, this is data from the market “Who will win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination”:Website: https://www.predictit.org/markets/detail/3633/Who-will-win-the-2020-Democratic-presidential-nominationAPI: https://www.predictit.org/api/marketdata/markets/3633Joe Biden is currently priced at 36 cents. My website would allow you to propose the following wager:I will bet $20 that Biden will be below 34 cents at 2019-12-22 2:00 UTC. You will win $25 (for a payout of $45) if I am wrong.The bet proposer can select any PredictIt.org market, wager amount, target price, above or below, odds, and resolution date.The solidity contract will be verified with visible source code, and the UI source code will be on Github.Would you place wagers on this website? submitted by /u/SkillDuel[link] [comments]from Ethereum https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/edxmod/would_you_use_ether_to_bet_on_predictitorg_markets/
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